West Melton Bowling Club Opening Day October 2018-19
Welcome to West Melton Bowling Club
West Melton Domain, West Melton Road. Tele:03 347 9001
Canterbury, New Zealand

This New Website has been established in February 2018 and now includes all the information contained in Sporty mentiond below as well as the previous data in Bill Wilson's Vodafone account http://homepages.vodafone.co.nz/~william.wilson/. This new site also includes the use of many links and should you find that there are errors in the links please send us an email; just click on the Blue Envelope at the bottom of the page. There are a few other items of interest below.

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The 3 pictures at the top - The left one is the Clubs Logo and if you click on it you will be taken to a roadside view of the club, courtesy of Google Maps . The middle picture was taken on Opening Day Saturday 22 September 2018; if you click on it you will see an enlarged image of the photo.  The picture on the right in West Melton colours (blue, yellow and white) is a weather symbol and clicking on that will take you to the current weather conditions at West Melton as reported by AccuWeather.

The Menu Headings in the left Blue panel - Only from Contact Us to Members Only have been completed at this stage.

The main purpose of these pages.

  • New players - We have had the pleasure of welcoming several new players this season - some 'new to bowls' and some very experienced players; it is great to welcome these new members into our group. In the first few days of each season it was noticed that several questions were asked about the 'protocol of things' at WMBC so it was thought that we should establish a list of FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions. Whilst Bill was looking around the web at the layout of FAQ's he felt that possibly a better way than just having a FAQ page was to establish some primary headings that he noticed in other Bowling Club sites and for those miscellaneous questions then a FAQ page could cater for these.

  • Feedback - We encourage all members, particularly new members to give us feedback (by email - click the Blue envelope below) of what you would like to see on the site. Plus any other comments, either positive or negative are welcome - all emails will be acknowledged promptly.

  • The Sporty Website - We were informed mid 2016 by the company that hosted our official website called Sportsground.co.nz that they were closing the site down at the end of 2016, however they were offering to still host us for free at their new site Sporty.co.nz with essentially all the same features that we had enjoyed in the past. They have new premium add-ons that cost money; the downside of the free site is that you get advertisements thrust at you. Many Bowling Clubs in New Zealand have their own Domain Names and in February we established ours; currently it is Hosted by Fastcomet's server in Singapore. In late September 2018 Mike Burke decommissioned our Sporty website.

  • A few tips to using your Browser in Microsoft Windows - When you want to change the resolution of the page hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and press the plus(+) or minus( -) keys alternatively to using the plus and minus keys you can use the scroll wheel in the centre of the mouse - that assumes you have a scroll wheel in the center of the mouse. When you click on a link - if you hold the Ctrl down at the same time as clicking it will open the link up in a new window. If you want to close a window, hold down the Ctrl key and press the W key.

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