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Although we have two resident Umpires, any club member will be more than willing to assisting new players to become familiar with the 'rules' of lawn bowls:

  • Our two Umpires' profiles are shown below, with their individual commentaries following.

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Umpires Profiles: (click on the picture)

John Waller:  Joined the WMBC in 1993, his first and only club. After 5 years as a junior, he decided to become a coach and umpire in order to put something back into the game that he enjoys so much. John became an Accredited Coach in 1998 and an Accredited Umpire in 1997 and International Umpire in 2005.
He has won all the club titles, both singles and team games, during his 25 years at WMBC. He enjoys coaching and derives great satisfaction from seeing the people he has coached playing so well later in their bowling careers. John is happy to offer help at any time. His phone number is in the club's phone list.

Dennis Herrick: Joined the WMBC in 2002 and as his second club and decided to become an umpire to help Deaf players to understand the rules. Dennis became an accredited umpire in 2009 and umpired in several championships and tournaments, and once in national championships in 2016. He really enjoys being in games - umpiring and playing too! His phone number (txt only) is in the club's phone list.

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