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Several years ago WMBC introduced an evening event on a trial basis for non-bowlers and beginners. It became so popular that it is now an annual event and people come from far and wide for a great fun night out. Several of the 'players' have enjoyed it so much that they eventually joined the club 'full time' and have contributed greatly to the club's membership. Sometimes this Social Bowls event is referred to as Target Bowls because you bowl to a Target! In March 2017 the weekly results were posted on-line; to view that final result click here. For later years please refer to out Draws and Results Web Pages. To find the date for the next year's  session please refer to our Calendar for March each year or click here.

If you would like to chat to someone about it or enter a team please contact Peter Bickley on 03 342 9196

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Commentary and Rules of Play:

  • Is played in February/March each year on a Thursday night commencing at 6:30pm and runs for 6 consecutive weeks.
  • There is a maximum 16 teams; each team consisting of 4 players, in any combination of male and female.
  • Most important – flat sole shoes with NO heel must be worn or play in bare feet.
  • A target is drawn on the each rink end by WMBC members – there are 8 rinks.
  • The mat is placed on the 2 metre mark and all bowlers must stand on the mat when delivering the bowl.
  • WMBC supplies 2 sets of 4 bowls for each rink.
  • Each bowler plays 2 bowls from their end.
  • Two members of each team play from either end and don’t change for the entire game.
  • There are 16 ends played each night.
  • In the event of bad weather arriving through the game WMBC may reduce the number of ends.
  • The target consists of 3 concentric rings and the object is to bowl the closest to the bullseye.
  • Scoring is 3 for a bullseye, 2 for the next ring and 1 for the last ring. Any bowl on a line is classed as scoring the amount for the ring in the inner side.
  • A bowl is deemed to be “in” if any part of the bowl is touching or obscuring the ring.
  • It is permissible for one team member’s bowl to knock another bowl and if the bowl goes out of the target area it is removed and placed on the bank.
  • When delivering a bowl, if it does not land in the target area it is removed and placed on the bank.
  • Scores are written on the blackboard at the ends of each rink.
  • At the conclusion of play WMBC officials will record the results of each game (points for both teams) for announcing the winner for the night’s play.
  • Game scores are accumulated. Results ‘so far’ are shown in the club house and on the website. Scoring is on  Wins - Draws - Points for & against.
  • There is a small charge for each team to play each week and it covers the cost of the barbecue and prize.
  • The Bar is open for refreshments or the kitchen for a cuppa.