WMBC Officers:

For new members it is often very hard to 'get to grips' with who does what about the club.  It is hoped that putting faces to names will make the task easier.
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Last Updated: Friday 6 December 2019

2019 - 2020



photo Helen Pearce

Helen Pearce

Life Member

03 347 8470

Helen Pearce
Help and advise members on matters pertaining to bowls.
Answer questions and support members.
Attend all club functions where possible.
Welcome and encourage new members.
Supply tea, coffee and biscuits for interclub and club games when necessary.
Organise food for club tournaments.
Ensure the kitchen is well stocked with milk, tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits for the above.
Be there to make drinks when required.


photo Colin Walsh

Colin Walsh

03 342 3272

Colin Walsh
As club president I plan, organize and carry out responsibilities associated with my role.
Appoint and delegate persons to perform tasks and ensure the tasks are carried out.
Attend all club meetings if possible.
Take feedback from my board members.
Continuously monitor the clubs progress.
Congratulate and listen.
Make it apparent that you are concerned about the club.
Be active in recruiting and maintaining members.
Prepare the next term president for their job.
Encourage members to stand for positions.
Conduct and preside over club meetings.
Abide by the agenda set by the secretary.
Keep officers on task and provide assistance.
Work alongside board members in doing their tasks.
Make sure all reports are submitted on time.
Receive help and information from the past president.
Assist the new president where possible.

Vice President

photo Ron McNicholl

Ron McNicholl

03 347 9475

Ron McNicholl
Officiate in the absence of, or at the request of the president at any club event or meeting of the executive committee.
Represent the president at club Special events where requested to do so.
Perform such tasks as are assigned by the president.


photo Tony Gallen

Tony Gallen

03 347 9448

Tony Gallen
Give notice of and attend all general meetings and board meetings (unless unavailable)
Keep minutes of the proceedings of all general meetings and board meetings (unless unavailable)
Maintain the clubs register of members in accordance with the constitution
Generally perform such duties as are required under the governing documents


photo Ian McKinlay

Ian McKinlay

Life Member

03 349 6951

Ian McKinlay
Collect and account for all subscriptions and other moneys payable to the club.
Bank such funds to the credit of the clubs banking account.
Disperse club money as directed by the board and keep proper accounts of the financial affairs of the club.
Submit accounts payable by the club for the approvable of the board for payment.
Report to each meeting of the board on the state of the financials of the club.
Immediately after the closure of each financial year prepare and submit to audit a statement of accounts and balance sheet for the club for the financial year and present them together with a budget of estimated income and expenditure for the ensuing year to the AGM.
Forward a copy of the annual finances to the incorporated society at the end of each financial year.
Maintain and prioritize finances for suggested future tasks as set out below:
New fence, Upgrade wiring and heating, Upgrade toilets, New ceilings in toilets and passage.
Replace lighting in passage and toilets, Extend the club rooms, Replace water tanks.
Replace lighting poles, Ceiling in store room.


photo Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh

Property and Buildings

03 347 8492

Mike Leigh
The property and building manager is responsible for the following:
1. Maintaining the security systems in the club rooms.
2. Test and replace all fire equipment when needed.
3. Ensure the PA Systems are in working order.
4. General maintenance of the club rooms
5. Insulation of the club rooms

photo Mary Burke

Mary Burke

Match Convenor Assistant
Malvern Delegate

022 600 5297

Mary Burke
Assist the ladies match convenor in collating and distributing ladies programmes for the year.
Assist in organizing teams for Rowntree and Malvern ladies pennants.
Selecting teams for the Malvern ladies teams.
Malvern Delegate
Collect information from the Malvern meetings and inform the West Melton meetings of that information.

photo Vonnie Clark

Vonnie Clark

Ladies Skip tournament convenor

03 323 6623

Vonnie Clark
Securing teams to play in the Ladies Skip Tournament.
Securing sponsorship for the above tournament.
Results Recorder for Bowls Canterbury Interclub competitions.

photo Peter Bickley

Peter Bickley

Membership and Publicity

03 342 9196

Peter Bickley
Organise Social Target Bowls tournament for community players.
Send various local news media articles about the club to include in publications.

photo Ross Sadler

Ross Sadler


03 347 4258

Ross Sadler
To endeavour the highest possible standards of presentation and playing conditions of the green.
To attend to all mowing, rolling, spraying and other work as required.
Be responsible for the purchase and safe storage of all products required to maintain the green.
To liaise with Match Committee and having rinks prepared and available for play on all days as set out in club programme.
Ensure all tools and machinery items are properly maintained.
Report to the Executive on any specific issues or concerns.

photo Joyce Walsh

Joyce Walsh

Ladies Match Convenor
Malvern Match Committee
Delegate to Bowls Canterbury

03 342 3272

Joyce Walsh
Ladies Match Convenor
Collate and distribute ladies programme for the year.
Organise teams to play in Rowntree on Wednesday afternoons and Ladies Malvern Pennants on Fridays.
Collect names and organise club Ladies 4’s, 3’s, pairs and singles. (Senior, development and year 1 & 2.).
Encourage ladies to play in club tournaments at other clubs during season, and to play in Malvern run tournaments.
Malvern Match Committee
On committee organising and running pennants (ladies).
Help with all the Malvern Championships woman’s .e.g. Singles, pairs, triples and fours.
Development Women’s rep selector.
Delegate to Bowls Canterbury
Attend Canterbury delegate’s meetings.
Vote as committee has instructed on matters relating to our club.
Report back to Board meeting with matters that concern our club.

photo Bob Burnett

Bob Burnett

Match Convenor
Malvern Match Committee

03 942 9662

Bob Burnett
Setting programs for the season once Canterbury & Malvern programs are received.
Liaise with clubs to set dates for Mitchell (vs Darfield) & Le Comte (vs Kirwee) cups.
Set dates for club championship & other club competitions.
Co-opt 2 members to the match committee.
Select Malvern 5's teams & assist with Saturday selections & Development (Under 5's) player selection.
Enter teams in Interclub & Malvern competitions (Advise the treasurer to pay any fees)
Make up teams for club triples & fours.
Do all draws for club champs and other competitions.
Organize teams for:-
Super Pairs, Mitchell Cup, Le Comte Cup, Presidents Cup, A & P Pearce Trophy, Arthur Pearce Trophy, Husband & Wife (Quinton Trophy)
Nominate players for Canterbury & Malvern teams.
Enter players in Champion of champion events (Advise the treasurer to pay any fees)

photo Ken May

Ken May

Bar Manager

03 318 1558

Ken May
To ensure:
That the club has the appropriate bar licence.
Named managers are licenced.
Licenced and non-licenced bar staff are aware of their responsibilities.
Records are maintained of acting and temporary bar managers.
Bar Services
Set and clear the cash register at start and finish of each session.
Register all sales and monies taken.
Maintain bar stock.
Re-stock the bar and chiller after each session.
Wash used glassware and
Maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the bar area.
Deposit all rubbish/recycling into the clubs refuse/recycling bins.
Turn off all lights, dishwasher and gas cylinder on exit of bar area.
Ensure all doors and windows are closed, all lights are out and the alarm is set.
Accounting for monies, sales, and purchases.
Maintain a float, bank regularly, stocktake monthly, provide a report monthly for the
Maintain an acceptable profit margin as set by the board.
Account for bar shouts to the board.
Maintenance of bar equipment
Inspect, maintain and arrange servicing of taps, glasswasher, cooler
and refrigeration, along with all fixed equipment.
Purchase glassware, pourers, line cleaners and washer solutions as required.

photo John Waller

John Waller

Coach and Umpire Coordinator

03 347 8482

John Waller
Umpire and Coach.
Club historian.

photo Andy Weber

Andy Weber

IT Support and Newsletter
Assistant Match Convenor

03 347 7112

Andy Weber
Assist with the website, scoring of competitions including TM software use along with printing score cards as needed.
Enter and update online Calendar entries as needed.
Publishing of weekly (usually) Newsletters during the bowls season.
Send additional bowls related emails as needed to members.
Assist the Match Convenors as required.

photo Norm Dunlop

Norm Dunlop

Grounds Maintenance Coordinator

03 347 3073

Norm Dunlop
The area of responsibility of the grounds maintenance coordinator includes the maintenance of the grounds of the West Melton Bowling club excluding the club buildings and the green itself.

Operational Positions


photo Brenda Dunlop

Brenda Dunlop

03 347 3073

Brenda Dunlop
Responsible for the maintenance of the gardens.
Ensuring the presentation of the gardens are of a high standard.
To be an assistant to the grounds coordinator.


photo Warren Knox

Warren Knox

03 318 1554

Warren Knox
Responsible for the mowing of the lawns between the playing surface and the shelters.
Carry out any other tasks given by the grounds coordinator.

Grounds - Irrigation

photo Kevin Sarjeant

Kevin Sarjeant

03 365 1938

Kevin Sarjeant
Responsible for irrigating the grassed area between the playing area and the shelters.
Carry out any other tasks given by the grounds coordinator.

Grounds-Irrigation and Plumbing

photo Roye Daniel

Roye Daniel

03 741 2233

Roye Daniel
Responsible for irrigating the grassed area between the playing area and the shelters.
Carry out any other tasks given by the grounds coordinator.


photo Derrol Fitzgibbon

Derrol Fitzgibbon

03 323 8917

Derrol Fitzgibbon
Organise prizes and draws for Raffles.
Assist the Bar Manager as needed.

Match Convenor Under 5's

photo Paul Williams

Paul Williams

03 741 1098

Paul Williams
Organise eligible players and teams in Bowls Canterbury Interclub Under 5's competitions.
Assist the Match Convenors as required.


photo Dennis Herrick

Dennis Herrick

021 131 4201 txt

Dennis Herrick

Web - IT and Recorder

photo Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson

03 318 1138

Bill Wilson
Looks after the IT system which includes:
Maintaining the web page (with a little help from friends).
Assist members to use the on-line facilities at westmeltonbowlingclub.com
Installing new computer hardware and maintaining the existing gear.
Informing the Board of any developments.
Running the Tournament Management Software and training back-up personnel & preparing score cards.
Printing out Score cards for Inter-club games for Bowls Canterbury & Malvern.
Recorder for Bowl's Canterbury Inter-club matches.


photo Bob Shorter

Bob Shorter

03 347 9553

Bob Shorter
Chief BBQ chef for Social Target Bowls and other occasions.

Health and Safety

photo Alastair Wilson

Alastair Wilson

03 342 4145

Alastair Wilson
Maintaining and updating the Hazard Register.
Addressing new hazards when and where they are identified.
Completing and dealing with accident and incident reports.
Ensuring that the facilities meet Safety and Health requirements.


photo Ken Sharplin

Ken Sharplin

03 351 8886

Ken Sharplin
Identify Sponsorship opportunities for the club.
Clothing - club uniform update to Royal Blue trousers/shorts.