These pages on Marking are guidelines which should be read by all playing members.
In any Club Singles Championship be ready to do your share of marking; don't let "Dennis" do it all. As Marking is to be done for you; you should do it for others. If marking a match in which a friend is playing, the marker must be absolutely impartial, must not applaud any shot, must not wriggle their body as the bowl of their friend wicks in or just misses a trail, or give any advice to either player, except to answer questions accurately and concisely.  A good marker is not only an asset to a club, but they add considerably to the enjoyment of the game by players and spectators alike, and the pity of it is that there are so few about.
  • A good marker, in whom the players have complete confidence, materially contributes to the quality of their game. It is a much mistaken notion that anyone can undertake the duties. No novice should ever volunteer to mark a game until they are completely versed in the duties of a marker, as set out in the Laws, and even then not until they have carefully studied other markers and their actions.

  • A marker should be an experienced bowler and a good judge of distance. "Experienced" does not mean a very good bowler, as there are excellent markers who have never been first-class bowlers, but they have had experience in the game and have found the job a pleasant and interesting one.

  • Far too many markers are distracted by the spectators and their comments, but if they could "hear" the thoughts of the players they would quickly realize where their "reputations" were going. In matches, other than club events, a marker is virtually "wished" upon the players, and their efficiency, or lack of it, becomes a reflection on the club management, for, to the players, the marker IS the club for the time being. This aspect is one that club officials should remember, and should not hesitate to decline the services of non-competent volunteers.

  • Finally a good marker should read these pages and the links to interesting and relevant articles below and click in the left hand menu for the instructions, before and during the game.

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