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Here is an extract from World Bowls about the Laws governing Lawn Bowls: < Click the picture

    The Home of World Bowls is in Scotland

World Bowls endeavours to ensure the laws of the sport are comprehensive. However no laws governing a sport can cope with every situation, and the laws governing the sport of bowls are no exception. Unusual situations not covered within the laws can often arise. The Laws of the Sport of Bowls (‘the laws’) have been drawn up in the spirit of true sportsmanship. So, if a situation arises that is not covered by these laws, players, markers and umpires should use their common sense and a spirit of fair play to decide on the appropriate course of action.

Please contact your own member nation organisation to obtain a copy of the Laws of the Sport, as they may have domestic regulations appertaining to their specific country.

Below are the relevant descriptions and links for WMBC.

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World Bowls Written Laws:

These are titled “The Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark Third Edition (including domestic regulations for ‘Member National Authority name’)” and can be found by clicking HERE

Bowls New Zealand Laws:

Bowls NZ also has its addendum to the Laws, entitled: Bowls New Zealand Domestic Regulation – Laws of the Sport.

Click the Bowls NZ picture on the left to access the Key Document Pages where the Domestic Regulations are listed.

Bowls Canterbury Laws:

Bowls Canterbury has its own set of conditions for the local scene. These may vary from season to season.

Click the Bowls Canterbury picture on the left to view these.

West Melton Bowling Club Laws:

In addition to the above Laws WMBC has its own recommendations as shown below and in our pages Etiquette & Constitution which can be accessed via the left hand menu items.  Correct footwear must be worn at all times and details of the legal footwear can also be found on our Shopping for Bowls page.

Smoking Policy teams/players visiting our club must abide by the rules. To avoid misunderstanding there is a “no smoking” policy ban anywhere in the club house or on the greens. There is a clearly designated “smoking area” which must be used by players and officials including markers in singles games.

In March 2018 the old tin ashtrays on the stands that filled up with water have been removed from around the green and replaced with water tight stainless steel butt deposit units at four points around the green. This is not only to provide better conditions for smokers and Non-smokers alike but also to help out our gardening and grounds team who are forever picking up butts; The trays have spring loaded emptying shoots so don’t be tempted to push the wee lever unless you put a supermarket bag underneath.

There are 4 designated smoking areas but there is ONLY ONE  area where smoking is permitted at all times DURING PLAY, and that is at the back/near the shelter inside the main gate – please be aware of smoke drift when play is from the club house end.

There are three other areas set up in shelters for use during play dependant on the direction of play.

The basic premise is that smoking is only permitted in these other 3 areas (directly around the area of the ash trays) when the direction of play is running the other way. That means if you are standing behind players on the burm where bowls are being delivered or arriving from and you're smoking then you are smoking in the incorrect place.  Please think about where you're smoking and guide our visitors.

Cell Phones use is not permitted by players on or alongside the greens during play. It is preferred that all cell phones are switched off or turned to silent.