We are a mixed club and Membership is available to both Men and Women in all membership categories.

You can join as a "Full Playing Member" and enjoy the challenges of playing the sport along with the social side or you can be a "Social Member" only and enjoy the facilities of the clubrooms, the choice is yours.

Each category of membership is fully described in the Club's Constitution - click the link in the Menu on the left; see PART II MEMBERSHIP. However a brief description follows:

Full playing members are:

  1. Full Member: Those players who have paid the full membership subscription.
  2. First Year Players: Those who have never played before and wish to learn the sport.
  3. Casual: Can play in an event that they have registerd and enjoy the club's "Social" amenities.
  4. Student: Those playing members 19 years of age and under in full time education.
  5. Associate: A playing member who is a member of another club affilliated to Bowls NZ.

Social Member: Social members may take part in all the "Social" amenities only - that is all the activities in the clubhouse. They are not permitted to play bowls unless they intend becoming a "Full Playing Member".

    How To Join

    Call into the club and we will go through the process with you.

    With the help of two "Full Members" of the club, complete the application form shown below. The application is then processed by the Secretary who, after the Board of Management has considered it, will advise of the procedure to follow.
    Alternaively you may download the form below and after filling it in, scan it and forward onto the secretary.

General Information

Our Executive members are always willing to assist you in becoming familiar with the club facilities and any questions you have regarding roll-up games, tournaments and club championship matches etc.
For more comprehensive information please Click here.


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