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Like most other sports, Lawn Bowls enjoys the competition known as Interclub. This is a Team game and it is most enjoyable to meet other teams and join in the camaraderie that occurs in the sport of lawn bowls. Here in Central Canterbury the two main interclub competitions we are involved with are run by Bowls Canterbury here and the Malvern subcentre here. A very important aspect of competing is to observe their conditions of play which have links thereto on our Draws and Results page here. And of course pay particular attention to etiquette see our Etiquette page here.

What is also extremely important are the Score Cards and the skips are responsible for these. In the case of Bowls Canterbury they must be returned to our clubhouse asap and placed in the score card Box. If the skip is not returning to our club on the day of play, the skip can give them to some other player to return them to the club and place them in the score card Box. For the Malvern competitions they should be given to a player from Darfield to return to Leo Ashby or Wendy Clucas. Otherwise bring them back to our club and give to Bob Burnett.

The Teams are written up on the noticeboards in the clubhouse and often photographed and uploaded to our Noticeboard web page here. Please tick your name on the noticeboard and for away games if you are going direct write a D beside your name. If you plan on being away for a period please write it on the noticeboard in the place provided. If you happen to fall sick or are unable to play (after you have ticked the board) please contact your match convener as soon as possible.

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