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The two tables (Men & Women) represent the two Honours Boards on the South wall of the club rooms;  with men on the left (see the picture on left) and women on the right (see the Women's Page). Regarding the Presidents listed on both boards - in the early days there were both men's and ladies presidents and separate men's and ladies clubs! However as time went by and discussions were held amongst many clubs, NZ Bowls strongly recommended that ladies and men's clubs in the one entity combine, thus only needing one President. This happened in 1997 for WMBC, however other clubs took longer to change over.  The picture on the right is of the Foundation Members of the club; see the History page for more information.

Foundation Members

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   Colt       Singles
1981-82 H.J.Overton R.H.Quinton T.J.Watson R.H.Quinton . . . . . . . . T.J.Watson
1982-83 A.T.Pearce R.C.Hobern R.Halligan D.W.Norrie . . . J.G.Jarman G.H.Pearce D.W.Norrie W.Longman . B.C.Blazey
1983-84 R.H.Quinton W.Longman D.J.Barnett G.T.Wright . . . B.C.Blazey W.F.Mills H.Mitchell A.T.Pearce . B.J.Spence
1984-85 W.Longman R.C.Hobern D.Jarmen K.Hill L.B.Glass G.T.Wright M.J.Clark B.C.Blazey M.R.Straight G.H.Pearce R.C.Hobern H.A.Mitchell K.Farrell
1985-86 D.W.Norrie B.C.Blazey M.R.Straight D.H.Wild A.R.Clarke G.H.Pearce S.J.Pearce I.McKinlay B.J.Spence T.J.Watson S.J.Pearce B.C.Blazey T.I.Marks
1986-87 D.H.Wild B.C.Blazey A.J.Smaill R.C.Hobern M.A.Heaps G.H.Pearce W.Longman R.W. Mason D.J.Barnett T.J.Watson A.T.Pearce McCormick A.R.Clarke
1987-88 H.A.Mitchell M.J.Clark I.McKinlay S.J.Pearce M.A.Heaps G.H.Pearce D.H.Wild K.Poole G.T.Wright D.H.Wild B.C.Blazey K.Poole K.Poole
1988-89 M.J.Clark D.Murray McLaughlin D.Murray S.Holdaway McCormick A.T.Pearce I.McKinlay S.Holdaway B.J.Spence A.T.Pearce McCormick .
1989-90 B.J.Spence B.C.Blazey T.I.Marks B.J.Spence R.Roper G.L.Clarke B.J.Spence W.Jenkins M.A.Heaps T.I.Marks McLaughlin McCormick D.Vincent
1990-91 G.H.Pearce G.Clarke P.Pearce R.H.Quinton R.Roper G.L.Clarke G.Roulston T.I.Marks H.Mitchell B.J.Spence M.Clark Christenson S.Deans
1991-92 W.Mills McLaughlin K.Poole McLaughlin R.H.Quinton M.Oliver B.C.Blazey McClintock W.Longman D.H.Wild J.Pearce S.Deans R.Archibald
1992-93 R.H.Quinton D.Murray D.Steele McCormick R.Archbold G.H.Pearce B.J.Spence J.Pearce N.Leggett G.H.Pearce M.Clark R.Archibald D.Vincent
1993-94 D.H.Wild S.Deans D.Steele McCormick L.Thistoll N.Leggett Cunningham P.Cocks J.Trengrove McCormick M.Clark N.Leggett J.Waller
1994-95 B.J.Spence McLaughlin P.Cocks McLaughlin McClintock McLaughlin B.Drury D.Vincent L.Mooney B.Drury D.Murray S.Deans P.Cocks
1995-96 H.A.Mitchell Cunningham Cunningham B.J.Spence J.Waller D.Vincent M.Calder M.Calder C.Walsh S.Deans D.Murray J.Waller T.Gallen
1996-97 J.F.Trengrove S.Deans K.Poole D.Murray J.Waller R.Mason B.Drury M.Calder J.Trengrove W.Mills H.Mitchell J.Waller S.Hooper
1997-98 A.T.Pearce A.McIver K.Poole D.Murray W.Turner I.McKinlay McCormick D.Vincent L.Rushton R.Sadler S.Deans R.Marshall P.Howley
1998-99 D.H.Vincent I.McKinlay S.Hooper J.Waller T.Gallen S.Hooper J.Waller W.Turner W.Knox I.McKinlay B.J.Spence S.Hooper I.Fletcher
1999-00 H.Pearce Mrs J.Waller D.Steel B.Mills K.Shaw J.Tengrove B.Mills T.Gallen D.Vincent R.Sadler J.Waller S.Hooper W.Park
2000-01 B.J.Spence S.Hooper J.Waller S.Hooper T.Gallen C.Gravett K.Schwass T.Gallen C.Walsh R.Longman A.McIver R.Longman G.Trewhitt
2001-02 B.J.Spence McCormick N.Wilkinson J.Waller M.Calder J.Tengrove I.McKinlay D.Garden R.H.Quinton D.Fitzgibbon A.McIver D.Garden D.Garden
2002-03 B.J.Spence A.McIver J.Pearce I.McKinlay C.Walsh T.Maw P.Cocks L.Hubbard R.Marshall P.Pearce S.Hooper G.Trewhitt M.Leigh
2003-04 B.J.Spence McCormick M.Clark J.Waller C.Chainey D.Garden J.Waller P.Bickley D.Fitzgibbon J.Tengrove B.J.Spence D.Garden R.Fuller
2004-05 D.Fitzgibbon McCormick A.McIver McCormick M.Leigh P.Pearce K.Schwass M.Leigh P.Pearce R.Reekie J.Waller G.Low N.Officer
2005-06 D.Fitzgibbon McCormick G.Trewhitt R.Longman M.Taylor G.Trewhitt K.Schwass C.Walsh R.Fuller A.Douglas P.Cocks M.Dobbin M.Dobbin
2006-07 J.Clark Mrs I.McKinlay D.Herrick J.Waller M.Taylor B.Hecker McCormick A.Douglas R.Fuller C.Walsh M.Clark N.Dunlop .
2007-08 J.Clark Mrs W.Turner McCormick M.Clark T.Maw M.Calder McCormick P.Rowlands C.Walsh W.Turner K.Schwass N.Officer P.Rowlands
2008-09 P.T.Bickley McCormick B.Hecker N.Dunlop R.Fuller W.Knox M.Clark T.Maw C.Walsh P.Cocks McCormick N.Officer .
2009-10 P.T.Bickley D.Herrick R.Williams J.Mugford M.Burke P.Cocks B.J.Spence J.Cambell R.Sadler M.Leigh J.Mugford R.Shorter R.Shorter
2010-11 R.Sadler W.Paekau D.Herrick R.Sadler A.Sadler D.Herrick R.Fuller T.Maw C.Walsh P.Cocks J.Mugford R.Shorter R.Shorter
2011-12 R.Sadler McCormick R.Graham J.Mugford N.Dunlop W.Knox B.Hecker M.Leigh P.Rowlands R.Shorter D.Fitzgibbon R.Shorter .
2012-13 M.Leigh R.Burnett W.Paekau McCormick M.Dunhill D.Herrick B.J.Spence A.Sadler N.Dunlop B.J.Spence P.Bickley M.Burke M.Hight
2013-14 M.Leigh McCormick R.McNicholl R.Shorter K.Sharplin W.Knox J.Mugford K.Sharplin K.Schwass D.Fitzgibbon W.Paekau R.Shorter K.Sharplin
2014-15 N.Dunlop R.Burnett R.Graham J.Mugford R.Marshall D.Herrick B.Hecker B.Wilson M.Calder R.McNichol R.Shorter S.Davis K.Sharplin
2015-16 N.Dunlop R.Burnett R.McNicholl R.Shorter K.Sharplin B.Wilson C.Walsh N.Dunlop A.Sadler D.Fitzgibbon P.Bickley P.Williams P.Williams
2016-17 M.Burke Mrs R.Burnett M.Burke R.Burnett K.Sarjeant P.Williams D.Fitzgibbon G.Hessey A.Douglas M.Burke R.Shorter P.Williams P.Williams
2017-18 M.Burke Mrs R.Burnett P.Williams W.Paekau R.Fuller K.Bingham B.Hecker J.Pearce A.Douglas D.Fitzgibbon R.Burnett P.Williams G.Hessey
2018-19 C.Walsh R.Burnett P.Williams R.Burnett W.Bell A.Sadler P.Williams R.Daniel P.Rowlands R.Sadler R.McNicholl A.Wilson .