West Melton Bowling Clubs Health & Safety Page

On Opening Day, 22 September 2018, Alastair Wilson addressed all members about the importance of Health and Safety at our Club and emphasized that it was the responsibility of all club members to recognize such. He also pointed out the following:

  • Alastair Wilson has been appointed by the Board as our official Health & Safety Officer. [At the November 2018 Board meeting a new Policy Document was approved which can be accessed by clicking on the item in the left hand menu.]

  • There is an official form for reporting any accidents which he would like filled in and given to him - no matter how trivial it may seem. The blank forms are pinned up on the noticeboard in the hallway and is also shown below.
  • Members must know our resources, such as:
    • Telephone - inside landline and mobiles.
    • First aid Kit - on wall in kitchen.
    • Fire extinguishers - on walls in kitchen and Bar.
    • AED [defibrillator] - on outside wall by the entry gate from the Car Park - key on wall by Bar door.
    • Smoking area - signposted around the green.
    • Evacuation procedure - Fire exits - assembly area in Car Park - There will be an exercise in a few weeks time.
  • Hazard Register
    • Chemicals in Shed with the Lawnmower and Rollers - Ross  Sadler's area.
    • Physical obstacles - falls.
    • Glass.
    • Inform Alastair of any other hazards you know.
  • Visitor Register
    • On bar.
    • to ensure if emergency and evacuation we know who were here.

  • Highly Important - Attention
    • Because our Green (and others you play on) are regularly sprayed with chemicals to kill weeds & bugs.
    • Never lick your fingers.
    • Always wash your hand thoroughly (not just a rinse) when you leave the green and/or before touching food.

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