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As mentioned on the home page we have had a good number of new members and several questions have been asked about how we do things. Whilst this web site has attempted to categorise the main subject headings, some of the questions fall into the miscellaneous area - that is why this page was developed.

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Naturally we welcome any more questions you may have, so that they can be added to this page.

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+ Q. When do you have to wear whites, alternative mufti?
A. At Interclub and competition games whites must be worn, except if it is a catch-up game at night time. Whites must also be worn if just going down to the club for a roll-up on a spare rink when other rinks are engaged in Interclub or competition games and are wearing whites. Or as advised by the club captain.
+ Q. Do you have to bring a plate on Saturday afternoon?
A. When a notice is published it will state if a plate is required.
+ Q. Do I need my own bowls in order to play?
A. The club owns a number of bowls sets which are available for new members to use, as well as for any members wanting to try out different bowls types before purchasing a new set.
+ Q. What are the club nights?
A. Ladies play on Tuesdays from 6pm. Men play on Wednesdays from 6pm.
+ Q. What is the Smoking Policy?
A. Like most clubs we also have a Policy. Click here to read our No Smoking Policy
+ Q. What is the Cuppa Policy?
A. Like most clubs we also have a Policy. Click here to read our No Smoking Policy